Design by J.Cho Interior Design

• Award-winning design team from Markham Ontario helped us design our office environment. The goal was to achieve a clinic that was relaxing and bright, and still maintain a modern, clean and professional sense.


• We are pictured here with our designers Joe Cho and Joanne Wong.


All of our treatment rooms are equipped with televisions for patient entertainment. All charting is done electronically and all photos and radiographs can be viewed on the chairside computer monitor for reference or educational purposes.

All reusable instruments are sterilized and packaged in autoclavable cassettes to ensure there is no cross-contamination.



• All instruments are sterilized before they are used on each patient to ensure there is no transfer of infectious bacteria or viruses. We follow the infection control guidelines from the RCDSO (2009)

Digital radiography

• Digital radiography decreases the amount of radiation exposure by about 90% when compared to conventional radiography. This means lower risk of side effects from xray exposure. We use direct digital xray sensors that allow almost immediate evaluation of the tooth or bone. There is also no need for hazardous developer chemicals and fumes in the clinic.

• Allows for detection of cavities, periodontal disease, tracking treatment (root canals, posts, surgery) and some pathologies

Panoramic radiography

• This allows for a scan of the entire mouth and surrounding tissues.

• Allows for detection of pathology, wisdom teeth, developing teeth, and cavities

Intraoral camera

• Takes a digital color photo of the tooth or surrounding tissue

• Allows the dentist/hygienist to see and record all your teeth

• Allows for detection of difficult to visualize areas – such as the wisdom teeth, small cavities that are difficult to see with the mouth mirror and light only.

• Allows for the patient to see and understand what is present in their mouth

Electronic claims and insurance estimates

• We will help process your insurance claims and estimates whenever possible.(click here for details)


• We want to limit our carbon footprint by being environmentally conscious.

• Reduction in paper use through digital charting

• Amalgam separator to ensure no mercury pollutes our municipal water

• Water efficient vacuum pump

• Fluorescent lighting throughout clinic

• Reduction in use of disposable plastic sundries by using sterilizable sundries whenever possible

• Digital records and electronic claims decrease paper use